Myki Has Been Identified As A Threat, What Is Happening?

Antivirus (AV) and malware removal software sometimes detects Myki as a potential source of harm. This is caused by the fact that these programs use a predetermined set of rules to try to guess if a process is doing something suspicious on your computer.

Due to the security nature of the Myki app, some AV software mistakenly think that Myki is a Trojan or a Spyware.

Some antivirus software may also consider us as a threat because they use many different detection systems in order to find new threats on the Internet, and some of these detection algorithms are based on a popularity index for the application among their user community. As our application is still relatively new, our popularity index is sometimes considered low for the antivirus publishers, which is why Myki can be mistaken as a suspicious application

What Can I Do About It?

Configure your Antivirus so that it does not block Myki or disable it before installing or updating Myki.

You can also report the false positive to the antivirus publisher by going to the website and filling the contact us form. This will get them to update their approve software list.

This is a list of the email addresses of different AV providers that have already mistakenly identified Myki. We will update it every time we receive a new false positive notification:

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