The MYKI pro features are designed to help you better organize your passwords and sensitive data, as well as customize your overall experience.

  • Custom Tags: Custom Tags allow you to add unique tags to each account, and quickly pull up all the ones that share a common tag, simply by typing its name in the search bar.

  • Custom Account Images: Use the Custom Images feature to set a picture of your choice as the image of an account. You'll be able to search the web for one, select one from your gallery, or even take one with your camera.

  • Custom Profiles: Use the Custom Profiles feature to create separate dedicated profiles for any accounts, cards, and secure notes you'd like to group together.

  • Custom Fields: With Custom Fields, you can add a text field, number field, or even a date field to any accounts you'd like to include additional information about.

  • Custom Categories: Use Custom Categories to better group your different types of accounts and passwords.

  • Smartwatch Support: You'll be able to easily access all your passwords and sensitive data directly from your smartwatch, as well as approve or deny any login requests to your accounts.

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