Here are a few simple steps to learn how to create a new account with Myki on your phone.

Step 1: Install the Myki App on your phone. 

  • Click here to download Myki on your smartphone. 
  • Once you've successfully downloaded the Myki app on your smartphone, open it and click on “Create New Account” to set up your free account.
  • Enter your phone number, then you will be asked to validate it, by entering the code sent to you by SMS. Click on the "Continue" button. 
  • Create a six digits PIN code then type it again to confirm.

Note: Devices that support fingerprint authentication can unlock the Myki App using their fingerprint after creating the 6-digit PIN.

Step 2: Install the Myki Browser Extension on your computer

  • After downloading the Myki Browser Extension, a grey  owl will show on the side of your toolbar. 
  • On the Myki app on your smartphone, navigate to the "Devices" tab and click on "Add an extension" to scan the QR code . 

The Myki owl will turn green which  means that you have successfully paired your Myki app to the extension!

And that's how to install Myki with two simple steps!

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