2FA is an extra layer of security to help protect your accounts!  

Here is what you need to do to set up 2FA on MYKI for Teams: 

  • Start by visiting portal.myki.com and logging into your enterprise account. The enterprise portal is also accessible from the MYKI Desktop App.

  • Navigate to your vault and click on "Passwords" to view your accounts. 

  • Select the account you want to set up 2FA on

  • Under the "Item Info" category, click on "Setup 2FA" and  "Paste your 2FA secret" in the "2FA" field. 

All the users who have access to the Android account will have access to the 2fa code as well, which means that  MYKI will autofill their 2fa token for them when they log into their Android account.

That wraps up MYKI's Two-Factor Authentication!

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