By default, Myki automatically creates up-to-date backup files of your data on your computer.

  • If your Myki Mobile App is paired to your Myki Browser Extension then your automatically generated backups will be stored in a folder called "Myki Backup Files" inside your "Downloads" Folder
  • If your Myki Desktop App is paired with your Myki Browser Extension then the backup location can be specified by you in the "Settings" section of our app. To learn how to manage your Backups on the Desktop App, click here 

In addition to automatic backups Myki offers the ability to manually create backups.

1) Create a backup file from your Myki Browser Extension

  • Navigate to "Advanced Settings"  (looks like four horizontal lines) 
  • Select "Backup Accounts".  You will receive a notification on your smartphone which will prompt you to scan the QR code.
  • Scan the code! A backup file will then be downloaded inside your "Downloads" folder.

Make sure to keep those backup files somewhere safe as you never know when you might need  them to restore your data!

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