First, you'll need to have the MYKI Browser Extension downloaded and properly paired with your MYKI app, for more info on how to pair the MYKI App to the browser extension, click here.

If you're looking to add a new password to your MYKI account ( we're using the Facebook account as an example below), follow these simple steps:

  • After logging into your Facebook account as you usually would, the MYKI extension will ask you if you would like to save it in your Vault

  • Click on the "Review" button to double check the information such as the username and the password. 

  • On this screen, an overview of your account will be shown. Click "Save" to save your credentials in your MYKI Vault. 

From now on, you won't have to manually type in your username and password, MYKI will take care of that for you!

Congratulations! You just added this new account to the MYKI app! 

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