Here is what you need to do to setup 2FAs using MYKI 

  • On iOS: Navigate to "Vault and Tap on the entry labeled "2FAs"

  • On Android: : Click on "2FA" under the "Items" tab.

  • You will notice a little QR code icon in the 2FA Secret field, click on it to scan the QR code displayed by the site to which you're adding 2FA ( we will use Facebook as an example here).

Here is an example of where to find your 2FA secret on your Facebook account:

  • In your Facebook Settings, head to "Security and Login" and click on "Use Two-Factor Authentication.  

  • Go to "Authentication App" and click on "Setup

You will then see a QR code and your 2FA secret next to it. 

  • Scan this code or you can Copy and Paste the 2FA secret in the 2FA field of your MYKI's account.

Next time you log into Facebook, MYKI will autofill your username and password, and then automatically enters the 2FA secret for you.

This process applies to all other online services that support 2FA. Click here for a list of websites and whether or not they support 2FA

That wraps up MYKI's Two-Factor Authentication! 

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