Welcome to your Myki portal! Let’s walk you through all the different features that make Myki a unique password management & 2FA solution for MSPs.

But first, a couple of things to highlight for a seamless user experience:

When you open the desktop app, you will be prompted to enter your Pin code.

Once you do, you will access your password vault which will include all passwords assigned to you across your personal and professional profiles. From there, you can also access payment cards, secure notes and 2FAs assigned to you.

You can switch between profiles to filter down that list by clicking on the dropdown menu next to 'All Items'.

From the left navigation bar, you can access the ‘Paired Devices’ section. Here you will find all the paired devices and browsers that your Myki Desktop app is synced with. 

You can also go to the 'Settings' section. For more information on Desktop App settings check out this section.

It's time to take a closer look at your Enterprise Portal. For more information on how to navigate the 'Enterprise Portal' check out this article.

For more information on how to navigate the Myki Desktop app, check out our video tutorial. 

How you can reach us

If at any point in time you need our assistance here's how you can reach us

  • On the live chat support available on the app, the portal, and the website. Look for this black icon at the bottom right of the screen.

Join our community on: Reddit, Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook.

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