To add/import item folders into your Myki portal you will first need to log in to your Enterprise Portal > go the the 'MSP Item Folders'

You can choose to add Item Folders either by manually adding them to your account or by importing any CSV, XLS, or XLSX file with Item Folders from your computer. 

To manually add an item folder, simply click on ‘Add Item Folder’ at the top right of the MSP Item Folders section. A window will pop up which will prompt you to add the Item Folder’s information (name and description). 

Once the information is filled, simply press ‘Save’ or ‘Save and Add Another’ if you wish to continue adding Item Folders. 

To import a file from your computer, simply click on ‘Import Folders’ at the top right of the MSP Item Folders section and select the ‘File from computer’ option and press next.

Before uploading a file with Item Folders from your computer, you first need to make sure that it is in the right format: you should have a header that includes the following columns:

  • Name 

  • Description

You can also download the example CSV file by pressing on ‘Download example CSV file’ at the top of the page. 

Once ready, either drag and drop the file into the desktop app or choose a file to upload from your computer then press 'Next'

Each column header listed above should be mapped to a property in Myki. Anything that hasn’t been automatically mapped can be manually mapped using the dropdown menu. You can also choose the ’Don’t import column’ option in the drop-down to ignore a certain column.

Once completed, you will find the full list of Item Folders to be imported.  Double-check that all columns are correct and press next.

You can now find imported Item Folders in the MSP Item Folders section.

Now that you've organized your items into Item Folders, time to set up Security Policies for better control over who can access what accounts, when and where. Start here!

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