To set a Time Based Policy, simply login to your Enterprise Portal > go to ‘MSP Policies’ >  click on ‘Add policy’ at the top-right of the page and select ‘Time Based Policy’.

A window will pop-up to the right of the page. Fill the required information:

  • Name

  • Description

  • Days (simply highlight the days you’d like to restrict access to)

  • Time (move the buttons left and right to restrict the time you’d like to restrict access to on selected days above)

Once complete, simply press ‘save’ or ‘save and add another’ if you wish to continue setting time based policies. 

For more information on how to enforce the policy on users, user groups, items, item folders, check out this article.

Note: Another way of adding a time based policy is by assigning it directly to a user, user group, item, or item folder by going to their info page and navigating to the ‘Security Policies Access’ tab. Once in there, press on ‘Create policy’ and follow the same process.

To learn more on how to set a Time-Based policy, check out our video tutorial.

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