To manually add a managed company, you will first need to login to your Enterprise Portal >  Select 'Managed Companies' > Click on 'Add Company'.

A new window will pop up at the right-hand side of the portal prompting you to enter the details of the new managed company you wish to  add. 

  • Company Name

  • Company Website

  • Support Email

  • Support Phone Number

  • Manager Name (your company name that will be shown on this client’s Myki portal)

  • Manager Domain

  • Number of assigned licenses to this managed company  (ie. how many users will you add to this company). Note: the admin from your MSP account is not included in that license count. 

  • White-Label Portal allows you to enable/disable showing your company logo on this managed company’s Myki portal. 

Once the information is filled, simply press ‘Save’. You will now find your new managed company in the list of managed companies.  

How you can reach us

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  • On the live chat support available on the app, the portal, and the website. Look for this black icon at the bottom right of the screen.

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