To update the current plan and the number of licenses you are currently subscribed to, as well as your payment methods' information, start by logging in to your Enterprise Portal, go to 'Settings' and select the 'Billing' tab.

Click on 'Current Plan' and pick the plan you wish to subscribe to:  'Yearly Billing' or 'Monthly Billing'. Your current plan will be highlighted in green. 

Note: You can switch from a monthly plan to a yearly plan at any point in time. But you cannot switch from a yearly to monthly plan until your yearly subscription expires.

Once you’ve selected the plan you wish to subscribe to, you will be prompted to choose how many licenses you wish to purchase. You can also update your plan from here.  


  •  if you’re on a monthly subscription plan, you can update the number of licenses you are subscribed to every month. 

  • If you’re subscribed to the yearly plan, you can only increase the number of licenses purchased. If you wish to reduce the number of licenses you are subscribed to, you will have to wait until your yearly subscription expires. 

After you've selected your plan, and updated the number licenses, you can find the costs associated with your updated plans broken down at the bottom of the page. Review it and click 'Next'.

A pop-up window to validate the updates made. Click on 'Confirm' to submit the transaction. 

Lastly, an overview of your Card Information will be shown. From this screen, you will be able to Add or Delete your card's information. Once you've filled your card details Click on 'Next' to finalize the transaction.

For more information on how to update your plan and billing info, check out our video tutorial

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