Different Users may have different needs which is why we recommend that you navigate the "Settings" menu to see if it fits with your security requirements. 


  • Unpair on Exit: This setting is disabled by default. Upon closing all your tabs inside your browser, the MYKI extension will  automatically be disconnected from the MYKI app on your phone. 
  • Automatically Connect to the Desktop App: If you have the Desktop app installed, the extension will automatically connect to the Desktop app and disconnect from the phone. This means that any notification will be received on your Desktop app instead of your phone.  
  • Lock on Disconnect: When you're not connected to the Internet, the extension will turn black. For this function to work  "Work Offline" has to be disabled.
  • Work Offline: This will allow you to use  the extension even if you're disconnected from the Internet. You will notice a "Not connected to Wi-Fi" symbol appearing on the top of the extension. 
  • Automatic Account Logout:  By default, this feature is enabled. MYKI will log you out from all your active sessions when you're disconnected from the extension.

  • Save Prompt Timeout: By default, this is set to zero seconds which means that the Save Prompt will automatically ask you to save your new logins to the extension. 
  • Save Prompt Auto-Expand: MYKI will prompt you to save your credentials for an unsaved site. By enabling this feature, the window to Save new logins will auto-expand ( see below image) 

To learn more about how to add new logins from the extension, Click here 


  • Auto-Send Login Request:  If you have one account, MYKI will automatically send a log in request to your phone when a login field is detected. The auto-send login request will stop after entering the password twice incorrectly. By default, this is disabled. 
  • MYKI Owl Icon Offset: When the MYKI owl is overlapping your content on the field, you can push the Myki owl in formed to the left or the right side
  • Auto-Submit Login Forms: This default setting instruct MYKI to automatically submit a log in form after auto-populating your data. 
  • Auto-Fill Animation:  When auto filling, the background of the fields turns black. 
  • Available Items Prompt: This will automatically show you the list of accounts under the username field. 
  • Email Suggestions: Next to the email field, MYKI will suggest the available emails . If you want to use this feature, we recommend disabling the one from Google.


  • Auto-Fill 2FA: MYKI will automatically enters the 2FA secret for you when you log in to a service required to input your 2FA. 
  • Display 2FA Notification: Show a system notification when a 2FA token is required. 

Note: For security, it is not possible to view your 2FA from the browser extension. 

Automatic Backup

  • Automatic Download:  If your MYKI Mobile App is paired to your MYKI Browser Extension then your automatically generated backups will be stored in a folder called "MYKI Backup Files" inside your "Downloads" Folder.  You can also access Backups in the secure storage of the extension.( ADD LINK) 
  • Download Schedule: You can change the Backup Interval. . If there is no change to your accounts, no backups will be created.

Experimental Features

  • Enable Identities:  To enable Identities on your browser extension
  • Show Identity Preview: If you hover over the Identities field you will see a preview of your identities. 

To see how to manage the Advanced Settings, Vault and Password Generator. click here. 

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