Myki For MSPs integrates with Auvik in order to import companies and notes. This simplifies the process of onboarding your MSP into Myki.

To use the Auvik integration, you'll need a base URL, a valid Auvik user and the user's API key. The user must also have the correct role permissions for the API they’d like to run; in this case the required role permissions are 'Tenants' and 'Entity Notes'. 

Generating an Auvik API Key

To generate an API key, navigate to the side navigation bar in your Auvik Portal, and click on your username at the bottom left

Click the 'Generate' button

and copy the generated API key by clicking 'Copy'.

Configuring the Integration in the Myki Portal

After generating the API, proceed by filling the authentication information in the Integrations section of the Myki For MSPs portal:

  • Base URL: - you will then be required to know your Domain. This can be found next to the API Key location.

  • Username (of the user with the correct role permissions)

  • API Key (that was just generated)

Once completed, click on 'Connect' this will attempt to establish a connection between Myki and Auvik.

Now that you are properly connected to Auvik, you can map your existing Myki companies with your Auvik companies. You can also import your Auvik companies straight into Myki.

Mapping existing Myki companies to Auvik companies

You can map your existing Myki companies with Auvik companies by matching the items in the mapping table.

This ensures that when you or one of you are within a managed company account, the integration will only allow imports from the matched company. (i.e. Myki company A cannot import items of Auvik company B by mistake).

Importing Auvik companies into Myki

You can import Auvik companies into Myki by either clicking on the import button in the integration page or by clicking the Import Companies button in the Managed Companies section.

Myki companies require a name and a web address for uniqueness and appropriate metadata. After importing companies you will be asked to manually add any missing company domain.

Importing Auvik notes into Myki

You can import notes into Myki from Auvik. In order to do that you need to start by mapping your Myki companies with Auvik companies. You can do that in the Integrations sections.

In order to import your notes into your Myki for MSPs portal from Auvik, go to the Secure Notes section in your MSP vault, click on Import Notes, and select Auvik from the list of available integrations then follow the wizard to get your notes into Myki for MSPs. 

If you would like additional functionality built into the Myki Auvik integration make sure to reach out to your Account Manager or send an email to .

How you can reach us

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