To allow MYKI to autofill your logins on any apps and webs that you access on your phone, follow these simple steps: 

Step 1: Enable Legacy Autofill 

  • Open the MYKI app on your mobile, click on the profile icon and choose Legacy Autofill

  • Tap on App Auto-Login

Depending on your phone's version, you will have to look for Installed services. Download services or services .

  • Tap on Installed Services and enable MYKI from the list. 

Step 2: How to use Legacy Autofill on your phone 

  • Login to a website via a browser (we are using the Facebook account as an example below), and click on the "Autofill With MYKI" notification showing on your phone.

  • Once you've clicked on "Autofill With MYKI", you'll be prompted to unlock your MYKI vault by either enter your pin code or scanning your fingerprint

  • Your vault will display all possible logins. If you don't see your account in the list you can search for it by clicking on the Search bar. Once you've located the account, click on it. MYKI will autofill your username and password for you. You can also click on "Add Account" if you want to add a new account to your vault. 

  • Hit "Login" to access your account. 

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