Step 1: Exporting your data from SafeInCloud

  • Open SafeInCloud and log into your account. 

  • Select "File" > "Export" 

Select the preferred file format: "Comma-Separated Values" (CSV) and Click the "Export" button. 

You will then be prompted to save the file on your computer. 

Step 2: Importing your passwords into your Vault on MYKI

  • Click on your MYKI browser extension

  • Select "Advanced settings" (it looks like 4 horizontal lines on the left )

  • Select “Import Accounts

Select "Passwords".

  • Choose the "SafeInCloud" option

  • Drag and Drop the previously generated 1Password CSV file and click the "Next" button.

At this point, simply click "Done" and give your phone a few seconds to finalize the import.

And that wraps it up!  

Don’t forget to delete the CSV file you exported from SafeInCloud on your computer!

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