MYKI for MSP integrates with SolarWinds to import companies.
To use the SolarWinds RMM integration,  you'll need a base URL and the user's API key.

Generating a SolarWinds API key

To create the API key: 

  • Navigate to Settings > General Settings > API Key section of the Dashboard.

  • Simply select Generate Key to create the API key.. 

 💡 The API Key may be generated as often as required with each generation overwriting the existing key.

To email the API key follow these steps: 

  • Enter the recipient address in the "Email API Key" section and Hit "OK" to send. The email includes not only the API Key itself but also the respective server URL to query.

⚠️This key is used to authenticate against the Public API. If you generate a new key then anything that uses the existing key to authenticate against the Public API will stop working.

Generating a SolarWinds Base URL

  • You will need to get the Base used that you use to access your Solar Wind RMM account. For example, if you're located in America the base URL would be  

Configuring the Integration in the MYKI portal

Importing SolarWinds RMM managed companies into MYKI

You can import SolarWinds RMM managed companies into MYKI by clicking on the import button in the integration page.

  • Start by logging into the MYKI Desktop App >  Click on "Enterprise Portal" >  Visit the Integrations section and choose SolarWinds RMM

MYKI requires the Base URL & API token. After importing companies you will be asked to manually add any missing company domain under the "Map your managed companies to Solar Winds RMM companies" section

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