Before proceeding, please be sure that you have already completed the setup process to integrate your ConnectWise Manage instance in Myki's Integrations menu. You can use this article to get up and running.

Upon successful completion of the tasks laid out in this article, you will be able to:

  1. Ensure that the licenses assigned in the Enterprise Portal are automatically reflected in the contract for the Managed Company in ConnectWise Manage.

  2. Set the per license cost on a company-by-company basis, allowing for flexibility with how you bill for Myki.

  3. Make changes to license counts and costs within Myki and have them reflect appropriately in Managed Company agreements in ConnectWise Manage.

Enable Billing

Once you have verified that your ConnectWise successfully integrated in the Enterprise Portal of Myki, you will be able to Enable billing. Simply flip the switch on the to get started.

Create Product

Myki will need to be tied to product in your ConnectWise Manage. You can either select an existing product by searching for your existing Myki product , or create the product from scratch using the right menu. Once finished, click "save" at the bottom of the section.

Edit Product Cost and Price

Once the product is created, you will be able to edit both the cost and the price of the Myki product. This will function as the default amount that companies will be charged. To charge a different amount for managed companies, you will need to edit them by clicking "Edit Billing" next to the mapped company below.

Enable Billing per Company

In order for Myki's license count and cost to be tied to a company, you will need to enable billing for the managed company. Ensure that the Myki company is mapped to the correct ConnectWise Manage counterpart.

Company Agreement

In order to tie Myki and the manage company together, an agreement must exist within ConnectWise Manage. Please create a company agreement if one does not already exist in Manage. Below is an example.

Edit Company Billing

Once you have successfully created the Agreement for the Managed company, click "Edit Billing", and a window will open allowing you to make changes to the billing settings for Myki. It will allow you to change the per-license cost for this individual company should you decide to make changes from the defaults you had just established.

ConnectWise Manage Billing Reflecting Changes

Once the above steps have been performed, changes made in Myki will now reflect appropriately in the ConnectWise Manage portal. To verify this, navigate to the agreement for one of your managed companies. You can inspect the agreement by opting to print the agreement.

License Count Changes

Now that Myki is connected to the appropriate Product and Agreements in ConnectWise, making license count changes inside the Enterprise Portal will now show a prompt informing you that changes will be applied to the ConnectWise Manage agreement. In this example, the license count was updated from 1 to 9.

Prorated Costs

When changes to license count are made mid-month, the costs will be automatically prorated and reflected appropriately in ConnectWise Manage.

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