MYKI For MSPs integrates with IT Portal in order to import companies, users and passwords.

Step 1 Generating an IT Portal API Key

In order to link MYKI to IT Portal, you need to generate an IT Portal API key. You can do that by logging into your IT Portal account - "Click on Admin Settings"

  • Click on "Generate API key" under Security

  • Type in "Myki portal" under Description and click on Generate API key

  • Make sure to copy the generated API key by clicking on the green Copy button.

Step 2: Configuring the integration in the MYKI Portal

Login to the MYKI For MSPs Portal (note that the MSP integration section is not available in the MYKI For Teams Portal), then visit the Integrations section.

  • Select the IT Portal integration from the list.

  • You will need to get the Base URL that you use to access your IT Portal account. The base URL would be

  • Paste your IT Portal API key in the API Key field, then click on "Connect".

Once the connection is complete, you will be shown a notification on top of the screen that we have successfully connected to IT Portal

Now that you are properly connected to IT Portal, you can map your existing MYKI companies with your IT Portal companies in order to simplify the process of importing users and passwords. You can also import your IT Portal companies straight into MYKI.

Mapping existing Myki companies to IT Portal companies

You can map your existing MYKI companies with IT Portal companies by matching the items in the mapping table.

This ensures that when you or one of your techs are within a managed company account, the integration will only allow imports from the matched company. (i.e. MYKI company A cannot import items of IT Portal company B by mistake).

Importing IT Portal companies into MYKI

You can import your IT Portal companies into MYKI by either clicking on the import button in the integration page or by clicking the Import Companies button in the Managed Companies section.

MYKI companies require a name and a web address for uniqueness and appropriate metadata. After importing companies you will be asked to manually add any missing company domain.

Import IT Portal users into MYKI

To import your customers into the managed companies, you'll need to start by making sure that you have created or imported your client's companies first. Then you can access that company from the MYKI For MSPs portal by either selecting the company in the company navigation tab in the top right part of your MSP portal or by clicking on Manage next to the company in the Managed Companies section.

Once you're inside the managed company dashboard, navigate to the Users section and click on Import Users. Select IT Portal from the list and follow the steps in order to invite your customers to join your company.

Import the IT Portal passwords into MYKI

You can import your IT Portal passwords into MYKI by clicking on the import button in the integration page

In order to import passwords into managed companies, make sure that you have properly mapped the IT Portal companies with the MYKI companies from the IT Portal integration page. Mapping companies restricts importing the wrong set of passwords into a company and streamlines the admin workflow.

If you would like additional functionalities built into the MYKI IT Portal integration make sure to reach out to your Account Manager or send us an email to

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