This article will help guide you on how to export your personal MYKI data using the MYKI app for Android. Please note that if you are a MYKI MSP or Teams Admin in your company, the process detailed below will also export your company data and the data of your managed companies into separate files.

Please note that the exported data file(s) will be viewable in plain text by anyone who has access to your device. Please be sure to take proper measures to secure the file(s) and dispose of them whenever you no longer need them.

1- Head to the MYKI app, and unlock it using your fingerprint ID or your PIN code. Once unlocked, you will be presented with a notice prompting you to export your data.

a. If you don’t see the notice on your screen, you can head to the profile tab on the bottom right corner of the MYKI mobile app. You’ll see the first option in the menu is a red “Export” option as highlighted in the image below.

2- Press on the “Export” option to begin exporting your data stored in MYKI. Please note that this export will not include any images attached to your ID cards.

3- Once completed, the exported data will be stored as an unencrypted .csv file. If you are a MYKI MSP or Teams admin, your personal data, company data, and your managed companies data will be exported into separate unencrypted .csv files.

The .csv file(s) will be located in the Downloads / myki folder of your Internal Storage section of your Android device.

If for any reason, you receive an error message on your app asking you to "Kindly update your devices", please refer to this article for more information on how to proceed.

If you wish to export your MYKI mobile app data on your computer using the browser extension, click here.

If you wish to export your MYKI desktop app data, click here.

If you’re using an iOS device, click here to export your data using the MYKI mobile app for iOS.

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