The steps in this article will guide you through the process of how to export your data using the MYKI browser extension when it is paired to your MYKI mobile app. Please note, if you are a MYKI MSP or Teams admin, the process detailed below will also export your company data and your managed companies’ data, in addition to your personal data into separate folders and files.

Please note that the exported data file(s) will be viewable in plain text by anyone who has access to your computer. Please be sure to take proper measures to secure the file(s) and dispose of them whenever you no longer need them.

If your MYKI browser extension is already paired with your MYKI desktop app, you will need to perform the export through the desktop app. Learn how to do this here.

1- You can install the MYKI browser extension by using the following link:

When you click on the link, you will be presented with the page below.

2- Select the browser of choice and click on the download button accordingly. Please note that you will not be able to use the MYKI browser extension for Safari for the export process as it will not have the same available options as other browsers. You must use one of the other supported browsers in the list or export your data on your mobile device (Link) or via the desktop app (Link).

3- Next, the MYKI app needs to be paired to the browser extension. Click here for a step-by-step guide.

4- Once the MYKI browser extension is paired to your MYKI mobile app, you may be presented with a notice to export your data. You can choose to click the "Export data" button in that announcement, or you can click close and follow the instructions in the next steps of this article. The instructions below to export your data will be the same for all other MYKI browser extensions except Safari:

(a.) First, launch the MYKI Browser Extension by clicking on the MYKI owl at the top right of your web browser:

(b.) Look to the left navigation bar and select the advanced settings menu, which appears as 4 horizontal lines.

(c.) On this screen, click on the “Export Items” option, then look to the right and click on the green button that says “Start now”

(d.) You will then receive a MYKI notification on your phone from the MYKI app. Press on the notification and scan the QR code displayed on the MYKI extension.

The export process will begin and when completed, the exported file(s) will be downloaded to your downloads folder on your computer.

Please note the exported file(s) will not include any images attached to your ID cards.

To export your data using the MYKI mobile app for iOS, click here.

To export your data using the MYKI mobile app for Android, click here.

To export your data using the MYKI desktop app, click here.

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