If you have the Google Encryption passphrase turned on or if you have disabled cloud sync in your browser, the Myki import from Google feature will not work.

The way to import your passwords from Google is to export them in a format called CSV and import them using the Myki CSV import feature.

The following steps explain the process.

Step 1: Disable The Material Design Flag

Visit chrome://flags/#enable-md-settings in your browser and disable the "Enable Material Design Settings" flag.

Step 2: Enable The Password Import & Export Flag

Visit chrome://flags/#password-import-export in your browser and enable the "Password Import and Export" flag.

Step 3: Restart Your Browser

Completely quit and reopen Google Chrome

Step 4: Export Your Passwords To CSV

Visit chrome://settings/passwords in your browser and export your passwords as CSV

Step 5: Import Your Passwords Into Myki

(Before importing from Chrome, make sure that your Myki Extension is paired with the Myki mobile app on your smartphone)

Use The Myki CSV Import Function found by clicking on the Myki Owl in the top right of your browser, clicking on the profile at the top of the page and selecting "Import Accounts" then selecting the CSV option.

Select the CSV file that you just exported from Chrome and select the appropriate table column headers from the dropdown list based on the column name

When you are finished, hit the "Done" button.

Your passwords should now be imported in the Myki App.

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