If you're currently using LastPass and would like to import all of your passwords to Myki, follow these simple steps.

Step 1:

Open the browser where you have the LastPass extension installed, and click on the red LastPass extension icon in the top right corner.

With the LastPass extension open, click on "More Options" > "Advanced" > "Export" > "LastPass CSV File".

If prompted, enter your LastPass master password and click on "Continue". 

Step 2:

Your passwords will be displayed in the following format:

You will now need to add this information to a CSV file in order to import them to Myki.

To do so, simple copy and paste everything on your screen into a new text file and save it.

 Once saved, rename the extension from ".txt" to ".csv"

Step 3:

Once you've created the CSV file, go to the Myki browser extension and click on the "Advanced" tab > "Import Accounts".

Now click on "Import From LastPass" then click on "Import Passwords" and select the LastPass CSV file you created in step 2.

A popup will show you the number of accounts that are going to be imported, click "Ok".

Confirm all of your account information, then click on "Done". 

Your accounts should now be visible from within the Myki vault (it may take a few moments for you to see them in the vault based on the number of accounts being imported, so please be patient).

If you don't see them right away, try to sync your account.

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